234/365 Aug 22 on Flickr.Made it to Philadelphia for Elliott and Meridith’s wedding weekend.  Here I am taking a quick nap in Elliott and Meridith’s garden before what is going to be a long day tomorrow.
233/365 Aug 21 on Flickr.My best friend Elliott and his fiancée Meridith are getting married this weekend. Tomorrow I leave for Philly to help them get ready for the wedding. In this photo I am looking at a wall I covered with photos from high school and college. Elliott and I can be seen in two of these photos; one where Elliott is wearing a blue shirt and one where Elliott is wearing a black, white and grey stripped shirt.
232/365 Aug 20 on Flickr.Bit of a stressful day today. This photo seemed to appropriately sum up how I was feeling.
231/365 Aug 19 on Flickr.Alright, last local business shot for a bit. Here I am waiting for a friend at my favorite bar in my neighborhood called Franklin Park. It has a game room, outdoor seating on picnic tables, it’s connected to a burger place, trivia is on Wednesdays, the weekend dance parties are awesome and once a month they have Brooklyn authors read a chapter from their books. The crowd is pretty great as well, with a mixture of people from the Caribbean who have lived in the neighborhood forever, Orthodox Jews who have lived in the neighborhood forever, and hipsters (and other white people) who have just moved here in the last several years.  With all these people at the weekend dance parties the atmosphere gets pretty fun.
230/364 Aug 18 on Flickr.I was inspired by my photo from two days earlier and decided to take another photo in a local establishment. This is the 24 hour bodega across the street from my place (see day 102). I asked the new guy behind the counter if I could take a photo in the store. I’m pretty sure he was supposed to say no but he was new so he said yes. When taking this photo I noticed some of the rows of bags of chips weren’t filled. I spent several minutes making sure the wall of chips looked fully stocked. If all my various jobs don’t work out its good to know I can always be a stock boy.
229/365 Aug 17 on Flickr.Today I went to Fort Greene Park with my friend Elizabeth.  When we met up we were quickly losing daylight so we had to get this photo in a hurry.
228/365 Aug 16 on Flickr.I had been wanting to do a laundry photo for a while but every time I did my laundry the laundromat was pretty crowded and I knew getting people to stay out of my shot was going to be a problem.  It turns out the solution to my dilemma is to do laundry on a Saturday night when there is no one there.  After I washed my clothes I divided them up into six different dryers for 10 minutes each to get this shot.
227/365 Aug 15 on Flickr.This photo…this photo was so gross to do.  I was pretty exhausted today due to my having had trouble going to sleep at a decent hour everyday of this week.  I spent nearly two hours thinking about taking a photo but really kind of dozing.  By 11pm my roommate Cam, who I had told 2 hours earlier that I was going to take my photo and then promptly laid around doing nothing in our common room, started harassing me to take the photo.  Its good he did, I was just about ready to pass out.  I decided I was going to do an “easy” photo of my looking like I had fallen down the stairs.  I should have learned my lesson from day 96 about easy stair photos.  I had to run up and down the stairs over and over again to check the images.  I kept not looking quite right in the photos so I would run back down the stairs and lay in different positions on the floor.  I have lived in this apartment building for nearly 4 years and I have never seen the floor at the landing of the stairs cleaned.  The floor was very dirty and as the shoot progressed I noticed different parts of my body being covered in filth.  When I was finally done shooting I took a well deserved shower, washed out the dirt, dust bunnies, small pieces of broken tile, and other peoples hair from my own hair and off my arms and legs, and then passed out in my bed.
226/365 Aug 14 on Flickr.Today I wandered in Manhattan from Houston St. through Chinatown and Little Italy all the way to City hall looking for a daily photo.  When I was starting to get frustrated with my inability to find a shot I finally found this huge sculpture tucked away behind Manhattan’s Borough Hall.  The immediate area around this sculpture is very strange as you have an old church, a state supreme court building, some sort of jail, apartment buildings, city hall, borough hall, and the start of a twisty turny road which is blocked in multiple places by a massive police presence.  That police presence kept eying me as I ran from the camera to the sculpture and back again over and over, but they never stopped me from getting my photo.
225/365 Aug 13 on Flickr.Today I was at my friend Ruthie’s place. Ruthie currently lives near the George Washington Bridge up around 181st street. For those not familiar with the layout of New York City, this is near the very tippy top of Manhattan and it usually takes over an hour to get to by train from Brooklyn.  Needless to say, I am not usually in this part of Manhattan and I was excited to get the chance to explore.  
Side Note: Remember over 6 months ago when it came out that New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s aides had purposefully drastically restricted the traffic patterns on a bridge? They had done this to cause traffic jams in the New Jersey city at the entrance of the bridge as punishment because the mayor of that city hadn’t supported Christie during the election.  Anyways, this is that bridge.