245/365 Sep 2 on Flickr.I’m tired in this photo in my friend’s apartment building. I’m tired and drinking. I’m tired, drinking and apparently not wearing shoes. It was just one of those nights.
244/365 Sep 1 on Flickr.
The West Indian Parade was today. With so many people everywhere (over a million people that is) I could not use a tripod. I had to wait until late into the evening before I was able to get a photo and by then it was just of my sitting next to a small pile of garbage left over from the parade.
243/365 Aug 31 on Flickr.
Today I was back at Gantry Plaza State Park. I was sitting under the Pepsi-Cola sign (not pictured) on the grass looking out at Manhattan when storm clouds started rolling in. I got this shot of the city right as the first drops began to fall.
242/365 Aug 30 on Flickr.
This shot of me sitting in the middle of the Children’s West Indian Parade route mostly worked the way I wanted it to. The West Indian Parade, celebrating people and nations from the Caribbean, is the largest parade in NYC with over a million people taking part in the festivities. The parade is about two blocks away from where I live. Two days before the West Indian Parade is the Children’s West Indian Parade and this parade goes right outside of my window. To get this shot I was a bit lucky. First I introduced myself to a girl on the street who was outside enjoying the day named Lauren and convinced her to help me with this shot. Lauren’s job was to rescue my camera if I got arrested by the cop that was standing off to the side of the parade. Next I was lucky that the part of the parade that went by my window is where the parade route made a left onto another street. Thus I was able to set up my camera in the middle of the street, but not in the parade route, and have Lauren guard it. Finally I borrowed a lawn chair from my neighbor and then I just had to wait for a break in the parade.  After waiting for a bit Lauren pointed out that it looked like the parade was ending. I looked way in the distance and I could see she was right. Quickly I hit a five second timer which was programmed to take 9 shots and ran into the street with my chair. I knew I only would have one opportunity to do this. To my right the parade had stopped moving causing the people directly in front of my camera to stop moving as well. I ran into the street, sat down in the middle of the parade route and blocked the parade. All those times that I have shot photos in NYC and people ignored me was made up for with this shoot. It felt like everyone seemed to think I was crazy. I looked at the spectators, the people in the parade and the cop on the left of the shot, I got the sense that they all couldn’t quite believe I was doing what I was doing. No one said anything to me, but I got many stares. Meanwhile I was busy counting how many seconds I had left that I had to sit like this. When I was confident I had given myself enough time and that all 9 images had been taken, I jumped up, grabbed the chair and ran back to my Lauren and camera. A minute later the parade started back up again and everyone started cheering the parade on while I quickly and quietly broke down my equipment and got out of sight of the cop. Special thanks to Lauren for guarding my equipment in the event that I was arrested.
241/365 Aug 29 on Flickr.
Today I went to Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens, which I call the Pepsi-Cola park because of the big old neon sign saying “Pepsi-Cola” located right in the middle of the park. This is an area that at one time was used for loading and unloading freight from ships. A long time ago most of the East River used to be full of boats with people and products being moved from place to place. Even though this area is no longer used to load and unload freight, some of the machines of that era still stand. In this photo I am standing under one of the machines that used to move products from ship to shore and back again.
240/365 Aug 28 on Flickr.
Today I was at a party and I saw my friend whom I hadn’t seen in over a year. After the party Alex and I walked to the subway at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. I saw a newsstand and decided that that could be a good daily photo. I didn’t have my main tripod with me so I had Alex hold the camera while I went and bought some M&M’s. Special thanks to Alex for being my human tripod for this shot.
239/365 Aug 27 on Flickr.Today I went to the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn with my friend Kate.  At the zoo they have an area for kids to climb up out of the ground in an enclosure with groundhogs.  Obviously I needed to do this and it was a bonus that I had my camera with me so I could get my daily photo with a groundhog.  This photo is actually two separate photos merged together.  While the groundhog stood perfectly still while kids were coming in and out of the tunnel, as soon I stuck my head up, the groundhog ducked back under ground.  Special thanks to Kate for being a human tripod for this shot.
238/365 Aug 26 on Flickr.Before any of you say anything let me stress that I paid to ride the subway for this shot.  After work I got on a train and waited to get off at a station that I was pretty confident would be empty (see day 38).  Once I set up my camera I turned around to face the camera and lifted myself up onto the turnstile to make it look like I was jumping it.  During this shot a couple of people did actually come through and use the turnstile.  I did get a couple of funny looks but no one said anything to me.
237/365 Aug 25 on Flickr.When I was in fifth grade my parents told me I was going to learn how to play a musical instrument and I could choose any instrument I wanted.  I chose the drums whereupon my parents told me I could choose any instrument I wanted except the drums.  So for a second choice I chose the trumpet.  I didn’t really like playing the trumpet and I always got the sense that my parents didn’t really like listening to me practice the trumpet so I think it was a win win when I wanted to quit about a year later.  For today’s photo I am sitting at my friend’s drum set.  As it turns out, with absolutely no practice, I am not a very good drum player.
236/365 Aug 24 on Flickr.Elliott and Meridith got married today! Yay! This photo is a bit of lie as I do not know how to tie a bow tie. In fact, on the car ride to the wedding Elliott tied my bow tie for me (I was the Best Man). Never the less, Elliott allowed me to get a photo of him adjusting his bow tie on his wedding day.  “You have two minutes” he told me in between being with his wife, talking to relatives and spending time with friends. Special thanks to Elliott for helping me with my daily photo project on his wedding day and special thanks to Zoe for being a human tripod for this shot.