227/365 Aug 15 on Flickr.This photo…this photo was so gross to do.  I was pretty exhausted today due to my having had trouble going to sleep at a decent hour everyday of this week.  I spent nearly two hours thinking about taking a photo but really kind of dozing.  By 11pm my roommate Cam, who I had told 2 hours earlier that I was going to take my photo and then promptly laid around doing nothing in our common room, started harassing me to take the photo.  Its good he did, I was just about ready to pass out.  I decided I was going to do an “easy” photo of my looking like I had fallen down the stairs.  I should have learned my lesson from day 96 about easy stair photos.  I had to run up and down the stairs over and over again to check the images.  I kept not looking quite right in the photos so I would run back down the stairs and lay in different positions on the floor.  I have lived in this apartment building for nearly 4 years and I have never seen the floor at the landing of the stairs cleaned.  The floor was very dirty and as the shoot progressed I noticed different parts of my body being covered in filth.  When I was finally done shooting I took a well deserved shower, washed out the dirt, dust bunnies, small pieces of broken tile, and other peoples hair from my own hair and off my arms and legs, and then passed out in my bed.
226/365 Aug 14 on Flickr.Today I wandered in Manhattan from Houston St. through Chinatown and Little Italy all the way to City hall looking for a daily photo.  When I was starting to get frustrated with my inability to find a shot I finally found this huge sculpture tucked away behind Manhattan’s Borough Hall.  The immediate area around this sculpture is very strange as you have an old church, a state supreme court building, some sort of jail, apartment buildings, city hall, borough hall, and the start of a twisty turny road which is blocked in multiple places by a massive police presence.  That police presence kept eying me as I ran from the camera to the sculpture and back again over and over, but they never stopped me from getting my photo.
225/365 Aug 13 on Flickr.Today I was at my friend Ruthie’s place. Ruthie currently lives near the George Washington Bridge up around 181st street. For those not familiar with the layout of New York City, this is near the very tippy top of Manhattan and it usually takes over an hour to get to by train from Brooklyn.  Needless to say, I am not usually in this part of Manhattan and I was excited to get the chance to explore.  
Side Note: Remember over 6 months ago when it came out that New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s aides had purposefully drastically restricted the traffic patterns on a bridge? They had done this to cause traffic jams in the New Jersey city at the entrance of the bridge as punishment because the mayor of that city hadn’t supported Christie during the election.  Anyways, this is that bridge.
224/365 Aug 12 on Flickr.
Today was one of those days that I cut my daily photo down to the wire. My first idea, which I spent a while creating, didn’t work at all. My next idea was to drag a hot light out to my living room and get a shot of my face. I took photos for 20 minutes up until the clock struck midnight. During editing I realized it might be different if it was a shot of just my face without ears or forehead or chin. Thus this is how today’s photo came to be.
223/365 Aug 11 on Flickr.This is a photo of one of my favorite cities. To get this shot of Chicago I traveled to the Adler planetarium and looked back out at the skyline. Chicago never fails to impress me with its awesome architecture, friendly people and great food. I am always happy to travel to Chicago.
222/365 Aug 10 on Flickr.My sister Rachel got married today. I felt it was only appropriate that we get a photo of one of our classic slap fights. This photo was taken after the beautiful ceremony and after the awesome party. Rachel was pretty exhausted but agreed to not change out of her wedding dress for a couple more minutes so I could get this shot. Special thanks to my sister Rachel for being in this photo and congratulations to her and her  husband Aaron.
221/365 Aug 9 on Flickr.Today I went to Navy Pier in Chicago which is a fun place for families to go spend part of the day. Navy Pier has a merry go round, a swing ride, the tallest Ferris wheel in the city, a green house, a theater, a wide variety of food options and boats that will take you out onto Lake Michigan. In this photo I am using a long exposure while I am standing in front of the swing ride, watching the people as they spin round and round.
220/365 Aug 8 on Flickr.I’m back in my hometown of Skokie Illinois for my sisters wedding. There is a field not too far from my parents home that has major power lines that seem to stretch on forever. For today’s daily photo I thought it would be fun to get a shot of my walking through the field.
219/365 Aug 7 on Flickr.Today I met up with some friends from my most recent Birthright trip.  Karen had just gotten back from traveling around Asia for 3 months, Oren was visiting from Israel and Lauren lives in New York.  I think it was Lauren that suggested using the phone booths as a prop for my daily photo.  I had had the idea to use a phone booth for my photo in the past but when I had showed up at the predetermined phone booth the overhead bulb was burned out.  Luckily today all the bulbs above all three phones were working.  I mostly just let Karen, Lauren and Oren do there own things while shooting this photo.  Karen and Lauren are both talking to someone on the phone at the same time.  Oren is having a casual conversation with someone and I am screaming into the phone like a crazy person.  We only partially blocked foot traffic but most people were able to walk around the tripod in the middle of the sidewalk without too much trouble and without too much gawking.
218/365 Aug 6 on Flickr.Today I went with my friend Jen to a bar with a stage to listen to folk music in Red Hook, Brooklyn.   During intermission I walked the couple of blocks to the water where the East River and the Hudson River meet.  I wandered into a gravel yard filled with trucks which I was pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to be in.  However there were no signs and no fences so I set up my camera quickly with the expectation that security would eventually show up to kick me out.  I only had my gorilla grip mini tripod with me so I struggled to find a good angle to shoot from.  Finally I realized one of the trucks closest to the water had a handle on it so I had the tripod grip onto that.  I got this shot of my looking out at the rivers while in the distance huge machines used to move containers reflected in the water.  After I was done shooting I was crouching on the ground packing up my equipment when security drove past but didn’t seem to see me.  I quickly got out of the gravel yard and went back to the bar.